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Iman Fadaei
Knowledge is not a mere institutionalized task for me. On the nexus of theory and practice, I am trying to make sense of our complex technological epoch. Where everything is increasingly connecting together, I am seeking the knowledge that can enable us to bring changes to our societies and draw justice nearer to us.
Simply, my goal is to bridge academia and the real world to pursue knowledge that empowers positive change.

Latest Pieces...

black and gray laptop computer turned on
black and gray laptop computer turned on
Sociological Analysis
Sociology of our epoch!

When it became obvious that things are changing in fast and sometimes furious, it worth to ask what about us?

Explore the intricacies of our technological epoch and its impact on society.

woman sitting in front of laptop
woman sitting in front of laptop
Community Engagement

You start here an let me know what is your latest discovery!

Sociologists refer to the ability to understand the society as a whole as a quality of mind! It is not always easy to stay engaged with such quality though!

Practicing sociology

The journey starts with a simple question: "what is sociology?"

From here we would touch on the domain and usefulness of such an intellectual engagement with the world!

woman in brown long sleeve shirt holding white smartphone
woman in brown long sleeve shirt holding white smartphone

I do photography...

Whenever I press the button, I wonder if I froze the reality!

Let's go for a tour in this frozen reality.

Working on the conception of "self" and "action" in this technological epoch, which are going to be captured and articulated elegantly in understanding the concept of world, I am pondering on the possibility of "event".
It will enable us to re-conceptualize our notion of politics in an ethical context!

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PhD Student in Sociology


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Research and Teaching


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